Notebooks Vs Laptops - What is Right For You?

The main decision when choosing a computer used to be picking from a desktop computer or a laptop. Nowadays, the laptops have become even more powerful and have the same capabilities as a desktop PC due to the advancement in technology, and making that technology more compact. This has led to the introduction of smaller laptops such as notebooks and netbooks.

Netbooks are much smaller and lighter than conventional laptops. The first netbooks were not very powerful and could only handle one software at a time. The netbooks could not handle any large files and even simple tasks on a word processor and a spreadsheet became a chore.

The netbooks that are out in 2010 are still compact but now they have the punch. They are much faster and can handle a lot of software running at the same time. The processor found in a lot of these are the Atom processors. These notebooks also come with very large hard drives and they can easily be a storage device allowing you to take your music and files anywhere. A lot of these run on the latest operating system and you can get Windows 7 on them if you are purchasing one.

Your choice then really depends on what you want from your netbook or laptop. If you just need to run word processors or spreadsheets and browse the internet then the netbooks are fine. If the reason you want it is to get a little work done on the train then this would be perfect as it is light and very small. Perfect for carrying around. If you are after the performance and the power and want to use the computer at home as well then laptops should be your choice. The price of netbooks are very cheap and you can pick one up for as little as £200.

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