Slow Laptop Fix - How to Make Your Laptop Obviously Faster Again

To be honest, it might not be so hard to fix a slow laptop as you thought. If your laptop were running deathly slow, you must be flung into a dilemma that whether should you take it to PC technicians or not. As we know, the expenses of fixing laptop is quite high and normally the money you are going to pay for computer experts can probably buy a totally new laptop. Well, here comes the question that how to fix slow performance laptop to make it faster again by yourself. Some laptop maintenance knowledge you should understand before you try to repair it manually. Here we go!

Why is your laptop running so slow?

#1 Virus, trojan, adware, spyware attack and crash your laptop system. The CPU usage will be 90%-100%. You should be able to find at least one or two processes causing the CPU to go 100%.

#2 Suspicious plug-ins on Internet Explorer slow down your surfing Internet speed. That is why your Internet Explorer browser keeps freezing when you visit some web-page.

#3 Too many pictures, programs, audio/video media files have been stuffed into the windows system disk. This absolutely will slow your laptop performance down. You can not play games, watch movies, or even open folders smoothly.

#4 Registry errors. What would happen if your laptop get registry errors?

* The laptop system needs a long time to respond your every order.

* You always get blue screen of death on the laptop.

* The slow laptop keeps freezing and crashing.

* Runtime errors, Internet Explorer errors and some outlandish system errors frequently appear on your laptop.

How to fix your slow laptop quickly?

#1 Some virus would disguise as one of the processes running in the system to attack, control and steal datas. If you do not have any protection software now, please buy one. Symantec programs, McAfee, Kaspersky any one of them would be okay.

#2 In my opinion, Firefox is quite better than Internet Explorer. Any suspicious plug-ins from website trying to implant to your laptop is disallowed with Firefox. Of course, it does not matter if you insist on using IE browser and you need to disable the suspicious plug-ins in order to improve the speed of surfing Internet and also fix some Internet errors.

#3 Just remove or transfer the files out of the laptop system disk. You had better put nothing but only system files in it. Don't, remember don't install so many files programs in it. That is the first principle of fixing slow laptop.

#4 Get a free registry scan for your laptop. With the effective registry cleaners, you would be able to find how many registry errors there are on the PC easily. Lots of PC users do not believe that registry repair tools could really help them speed their computers or laptops up. Even some of them regard PC repair tools as ridiculous programs. Well, that is not the truth. You should know how important registry is in a computer. Any registry errors would probably affect your laptop performance. Frankly speaking, more than 68% of slow laptop, computer problems are related to registry errors that include invalid registry entries, missing registry, empty registry keys and malicious registry. Therefore, cleaning registry errors is an effective method that should not be ignored to have your slow laptop fixed.

Do you want to fix slow laptop instantly? I have a great solution for you to make your laptop run faster than before. Just click here.

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